Sunday, 9 February 2014

Martin Coles and Rhonda Jenkins (Eds.). Assessing Reading 2: Changing Practice in Classrooms

Reviewed by Arifin
Tulungagung, 9 February 2014

This book is the continuation of the previous serie, Assessing Reading 1: Theory and Practice. What in this book? Just simply check on the content bellow.


Part I - Teachers changing the system

1 Assessing reading: changing practice 

2 Developing an early literacy portfolio for district-wide use 

3 Taking a closer look at reading: a Scottish perspective 

4 Teachers changing the system: alternative assessment of first-graders’ literacy

5 Literacy assessment as part of new standards 

Part II - Linking curriculum and assessment in the classroom

6 Responsive assessment of reading: seeking evidence on reading attainment from students

7 The literacy profile of Maxwell Pogonowski 

8 Assessing older students’ response to fiction: classroom-based activity to support system-wide assessment

9 Reading while writing: an approach to the assessment of reading through discussions of the drafting process

10 Assessing literacy and special needs in secondary schools: 171 a case for new paradigms

- Chronology: early literacy portfolio
- Schedule for collection of portfolio entries
- Highlights of the six-point early literacy scale
- New Standards grade level 4: reading descriptors
- New Standards grade level 4: writing descriptors
- English Language assessment
- English Language arts portfolio field trial middle school sample entry slips
- Portfolio scores (middle and high school design)
- Wider reading interview: list of possible prompts
- Reading bands C, D, E and F. The American literacy profile scales
- Reading profile rocket—Max
- Reading band F. The American literacy profile scales

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