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Report Text Samples (Contoh Teks Report)

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It's great to see you again and share some stuff dealing with English teaching which I hope can be useful for you or your activities. Today, I'd like to share some samples of report text. I will also give some slight analysis about the texts.

These texts can be used as a part in developing English material (i.e. in a text book), or as passage in designing a language test. 

You can freely use all these texts, just note to please attach the reference from

Here are the texts.

Text 1: Tarantula


True tarantulas are a type of wolf spider that belongs to the family Lycosidae in the suborder of Araneomorphae. But most people use the term tarantula to refer to about 700 species of spiders belonging to the family Theraphosidae in the suborder Mygalomorphae. Sometimes known as American tarantulas, they are found in tropical regions throughout the world, with many species in the southwestern United States.

These giants of spider world can attain a body length of 10 cm with a leg span up to 20 cm, making it possible for some species to overpower small vertebrates, such as frogs or lizard for their meal. Their large body and longs leg are covered with hairs.

Most tarantulas stay on the ground. As ground hunters, tarantulas are typical sit-and-wait predators –they wait for insects or small vertebrates to come near before they pounce and kill the prey with their strong chelicerae.

Main Idea
1st paragraph: The origin of tarantula is Theraphosidae.
2nd paragraph: The body size of tarantula is large.
3rd paragraph: Tarantula is a passive hunter.

Tarantula is a type of spider which origin is Theraphosidae, which has large body and hunt the prey by waiting, pouncing, and then injecting poison.

The text is very simple and easy to understand, except for some term (scientific name) of tarantula or its suborder. However, there is no closing or conclusion part of the text which makes it have little bit lack.

Text 2: Cats



Cats, also called domestic cats or house cats are carnivorous (meat-eating) mammals, of the family Felidae. Cats have been domesticated (tame) for nearly 10,000 years. They are currently the most popular pets in the world. Their origin is probably the African Wildcat Felis silvestris lybica.

Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as gods, and often mummified them so they could be with their owners "for all of eternity". They also mummified mice so the cats would have something to eat in the afterlife. Today, people often keep cats as pets, but there are also cats that live without being cared for by people. These kinds of cats are called feral cats. Cats were probably first kept because they ate mice, and this is still their main job in farms throughout the world. Later they were kept because they are friendly and good companions.

Cats are active carnivores, meaning they hunt live prey. Their main prey is small mammals like mice. They will also stalk, and sometimes kill and eat, birds. Cats eat a wide variety of prey, including insects, and seem especially to like house flies and bluebottles. Their main method of hunting is stalk and pounce. While dogs have great stamina and will chase prey over long distances, cats are extremely fast, but only over short distances. Cats, especially kittens, practice these instinctive behaviors in play with each other or on small toys. Today, special food for cats is widely available in the developed countries. However, there is an interesting fact; cats cannot taste sweet foods (with sugar) because of a mutation (change) in their ancestors which removed the ability to taste sweet things.

Cats are quiet and well-behaved animals, making them popular pets. Young kittens are playful. They can easily entertain themselves with a variety of store-bought or homemade toys. House cats have also been known to teach themselves to use doorknobs and toilet handles.

Main Idea
1st paragraph: Cat is carnivore mammals which origin is Felis silvestris lybica.
2nd paragraph: In the past, cat was taken care to worship, but now is for its friendliness and as a good companion.
3rd paragraph: Cats are active carnivore in hunting their prey, like mice and insects; however now various cat’s food is available on store.
4th paragraph: Cats are the most popular pets for some reasons.

Cats are carnivore mammals which are friendly to human. Cats, in the past and present, have been seen and treated differently. For some reason, cats are now the most popular pet.

The text is rich of vocabularies (from adjective, noun, and some phrases). The text is good for having conclusion in the last paragraph.


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