Tuesday, 9 July 2013

English Exercise / Test Samples (Part 3) - Download

This is English Exercise / Test Part 3. You can also review English Exercise / Test Part 1, or Part 2.


A. Read the following text and understand the meaning!

Teacher Is Not The Only “Teacher”
As ones who are learning, we, of course, need a help in which some others should teach us. But there is no specific rule that those which/who teach us should be a person, or in general we call as teacher. In fact, there are so many learners who rely only on their teacher. We must realize that we can study not only from those teachers.

We often hear “experience is the best teacher”. That’s true. Knowledge which is gotten by experiencing will be stay in our mind better. This is what we can find in many models of learning. Teacher gives his students chance to make some experiments, activities and so on. Teacher is a facilitator here.

Other autonomous way of learning is exploring books. Many ideas have been written in the books and this depends on us whether to take it or not. In this case, teacher can function as guidance. When we don’t fully understand the books, we can ask to teachers.

We can learn not only from teachers, but there are still many other sources which we can use as “teacher”, experience and books are one of those. But, out of those cases, teacher is still the one which we have to respect, because teacher is still the one who guides us in studying.

English Exercise / Test Part 3 - Download



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