Saturday, 6 July 2013

Descriptive Text vs. Report Text

'Descriptive' and 'report' text, what makes them differ? So let's think first. If, for example, I give you two texts titled,  'John, My Furred Friends' and 'Cats', which one do you think is report a report text?

Well, then I tell you that the answer of 'which one the report text is' is that entitled 'Cats'. So can you give explanation related to question by exploring the distinction of both texts? Then, here is my explanation.

Same Characteristics
Such topic, the difference between descriptive and report text, can be pretty interesting since both text types are relatively possessing the same characteristics. The most visible feature is that both text types contain some description, which means they describe about something, whether in particular or general. This kind of identical feature might have been the reason of why some students may, sometimes or at the first time, make wrong text composition in which they are asked to make report text but, then, they compose a descriptive one.

Particular and General
Those two terms, 'particular' and 'general' are the key point in explaining the difference between these two text types. Shortly, descriptive text describes something in particular, while report one describes in general. That is why if we take a look back at the two text titles given above it is distinct that 'Cats' is a title of report text for the title represents that the text cover general explanation and analysis about cats (what is cats, how cats behave, the types of cats, the history, and so on). On the other hand, descriptive text does not go far on explaining cats in universe, it talks about a specific cat; for example my cat, your cat, Mr. Jack's cat, my grandfather's cat, ore other's cat. Other illustration of descriptive text is when it talks about the roses in your garden, your goat, your house, or your sister's baby.

The Language Feature
It is true to say both text types make lots of use of simple present tense, however if we take a look and analyze thoroughly at the language use and form, we can find that report text uses a language which tends to be more formal than descriptive does. This can be led by the fact that report text is based on the systematic analysis or observation which is in its nature is 'rather scientific'.

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