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Descriptive Text Samples (Contoh Teks Deskriptif)

Guys, this is other share of mine dealing with English text (genres), and here, I'm going to share the samples of descriptive text.

As the previous post, you can freely use all these texts as a part in developing English material (i.e. in a text book), or as passage in designing a language test, just note to please attach the reference from

Text 1: Joni, My Furred Friend


Joni, My Furred Friend

Joni, that’s his name. My older brother presented as my birthday gift. He is a very cute cat and I love him so much.

Joni has thick fur. The dominant black with white spot makes him more beautiful. His body is rather fat and it is very amusing to watch him walk. What I like most is his nose. Joni is a Persian cat which makes him flat-nosed.

Joni is very friendly. My friends who come to my house always have some fun with him. I feed him pet food everyday and he likes it very much. He always meows while following me if I haven’t given him some. Sometimes he also walks around the house and I think some neighbor’s cats must be fascinated with him.

Main Idea
1st paragraph: Joni is a cat given as birthday gift.
2nd paragraph: Joni is a black white-spotted Persian cat which has amusing physical appearance.
3rd paragraph: Joni is friendly and charming to all, humans and other cats.

Joni is a black white spotted Persian cat given to writer as his birthday gift. The cat is so cut in physical appearance for some reason, and also very friendly and fascinating.

The text is rich of vocabularies. It is simple and easy to understand because what discussed is very general thing, cat. The conclusion in the last paragraph is also good.

Text 2: Lovely Grandpa’s Flower Garden


Lovely Grandpa’s Flower Garden

I visited my grandpa on last week holyday.  What I always look forward there is grandpa’s flower garden. Grandpa leaves some pretty wide space surrounding his house and the space is full of assorted flowers. Everywhere I look at, front, back, right, and left, there are always flowers. That’s so beautiful.

The flowers are various and colorful. On the left front corner, there are red roses, and red tulips on the left one. It’s perfect red. On the right of the house there are some dahlias which have bright color; bright red, pink and purple. Grandpa also has pond on the left of the house and he puts some white water lilies on it. On the backyard, there is a linden tree surrounded by some white wild lilies. Also, grandpa puts some purple and red orchids on the tree.

Grandpa along with grandma always takes care and water the flower regularly, and they do it with pleasure. The grandpa’s flower garden is always mesmerizing and that’s why I always passionate to see it.

Main Idea
1st paragraph: Grandpa has a very lovely flower garden which I’m always missing at.
2nd paragraph: The grandpa’s flower garden contains of various flowers, roses, tulips, dahlias, water lilies and orchids.
3rd paragraph: Grandpa with grandma always take care the flower garden.

Grandpa has a very lovely flower garden which I’m always missing at. The grandpa’s flower garden contains of various flowers, roses, tulips, dahlias, water lilies and orchids all surrounding the house.

The text is simple and rich of vocabulary, especially noun. The conclusion paragraph is also available which makes it better.

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