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English Exercise / Test Samples (Part 1) - Download

English Exercise / Test Samples (Part 1) - Download

Assessment has been an important part, or even always required, in the relation with any teaching and learning activities, so in language ones. Here I will not much expose about language assessment, thus, further principles or explanation about assessment and other related terms can be discovered on 'Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices' by H Douglas Brown or 'Language Testing and Assessment' by Glenn Fulcher and Fred Davidson. Probably next time I can explore more about language assessment principles.

In this occasion, I'm going to share some samples of language test (assessment instrument), especially those which cover teaching and learning in senior high school level.

The following test is designed based on the topic of narrative text, and exposure of simple past tense.
Here it is.


A.     Choose suitable words to be put into the blanks!
didn’t seem
fell down

Poor Love 
            In a state university in the middle of city of Connecticut, there 1)                               a student named Susan. Without being known by others, she 2)                                 a feeling into a boy, Tim Parker, who has having relationship with Jeanne.
            Sue 3)                                happy with Jeanne’s being on Tim’s life. She 4)                         to separate them and she would do anything to make it.
            One day, when Tim and Jeanne were having dinner, Sue 5)                           to be a servant in a restaurant. She tricked others and poured a poison on drinking to be given to Jeanne. The drinking was ready to drink. Sue 6)                               curiously to see Jeanne suffering. Tim and Jeanne lifted their glass; they 7)                                ready to drink. Unpredictably, they crossed their hand to have switching on drinking. Poison-Jeanne’s drinking was had by Tim. The glass wasn’t empty when Tim 8)                              on the floor. He was in critical condition and sent to the hospital. What a poor Tim was!

B.     Read the passage again and answer these questions!
1.  Who is loved by Sue?
a. Tim                                   c. Peter Parker
b. Jeanne                              d. Susan

 2. … She tricked others and poured poison.
     The word “she” refers to ____________
a. Sue                                    c. Jeanne
b. Tim                                   d. Connecticut

 3. Who finally became a victim?
a. Jeanne                              c. Tim
b. Sue                              d. Connecticut

4. Why was Tim sent to the hospital?
a. He got accident
b. He fell from a high building
c. He drank Jeanne’s drinking
d. He visited Jeanne

5. What kind the narrative text is the passage above?
a. Romance                          c. Mystery
b. Adventure                  d. Humor


Untuk download soft-file English Exercise/Test Unit 1 (narrative text and simple present tense) silahkan klik disini.

Untuk download Remedial Test English Exercise Unit 1 (narrative text and simple present tense) silahkan klik disini.


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