Tuesday, 9 July 2013

English Exercise / Test Samples (Part 2) - Download

This is the continuation of the previous post entitled English Exercise / Test Samples (Part 1) - Download.

In this English Exercise / Test Samples (Part 2) - Download, I will share a language test which cover report text.


A. Read the text then answer the questions based on the text!
      A rose is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. The roses are armed with sharp prickles. There are around 100 species of roses along the world, such as in Europe, America, Africa and most in Asia. Roses are also famous for their beautiful color and fragrance which are various. They are white, yellow, orange, pink and red which all are based on the species and region.
      Besides its beauty, the rose is also used as commercial perfume, and cut flowers crops. Even, the rose can also be used as medicine.
      Rose perfumes are made from attar of roses or rose oil. It is transparent pale yellow-grey in color. To extract one gram of rose oil, it’s needed about two thousand flowers.
      Roses as cut flowers crops are used to express someone’s feeling. Red roses may express love, yellow for friendship and white for grieving.
      Rose fruit or known as rose hip can also be used as medicine in Chinese. It is used for stomach problems. For now, it is being investigated for controlling cancer growth.

Download soft-file English Exercise / Test Samples (Unit 2) silahkan klik disini, atau anda juga bisa mereveiw English Exercise / Test Samples (Unit 1).

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