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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Graphic Design Service (Jasa Desain Grafis)

Need design service?
Me at your service.
Provide you with creative, innovative, and good looking design products.
Abstract or realistic?
Natural, cultural or futuristic?

Product types:
- Brochures/flayer (one face or multiple face/side)
- Logo for company or product/brand
- Product package
- Book cover
- Banner and poster
- Graphic design training (for East Java and around only)

Jasa desain, melayani berbagai macam produk/bentuk desain. 
- Brosur/selebaran (satu sisi/atau banyak sisi)
- Logo perusahaan atau produk atau merk
- Desain kemasan produk
- Samplu buku
- Banner dan poster
- Pelatihan desain grafis (untuk kawasan Jawa Timur dan sekitarnya)

Design fee: +/- 50.000.

Contact & Info
+6285 735 704 350 (please message first)

Visit my fiverr at: https://www.fiverr.com/arifineon

Monopoly - Here & Now Edition

Reviewed by Arifin
Tulungagung, 28 December 2014

It’s Monoply game. You know, don’t you? As its name your task is to conquer the places by acquiring them and monopolizing.

It’s an off line game, so you can just play instantly against computer. Also, this game I share is ‘portable’, which means you don’t have to install it. Easy!

So, give it a try, man!

Download here!

Bahasa Indonesia:
Sudah pada tau game Monopoly kan? Ya mainnya kita harus pakai monopoli biar bisa nguasain dunia (ini pakai peta Amerika tapi, ya).

Game yang saya share ini game off line jadi tidak perlu koneksi internet, dan juga ini game ‘portable’ alias tidak perlu install.

Selamat bermonopoli!

Download disini!

Alex Ferguson. My Autobiography (Ebook)

Reviewed by Arifin
Tulungagung, 27 December 2014

Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest football managers in the world. Sir Alex Ferguson was born in 1941 in Govan, Scotland. He began his football career as a center-forwarder in Scotland, but his name was treasured trough his great achievement as a manager of England greatest club, Manchester United.

Fergie had become a manager for Manchester United for 26 years. Arriving at Manchester  United  in 1986,  he  brought them  38  trophies,  including  the  Club World Cup,  two  Champions Leagues, 13  Premier  Leagues  and  five  FA  Cups.  His overall  haul  of 49  trophies  made  him  the  most successful British manager of all time. Knighted  in  1999,  Sir  Alex  announced  his  retirement  in 2013,  when  United were  again crowned  Premier  League champions.  At  the  age  of  71,  he  continues  to serve  United  as  a director.

What’s in the book
This book explores Alex Ferguson’s football journey which mostly his job at Manchester United. He describes his thoughts on some issues he had overcome, perspectives on some players, rival clubs and managers, and the football moment that he and the club has passed. On the last pages, there are also some memorable pictures relating to Alex Ferguson and people closed to him, his players, club, and so on.

1. Reflections
2. Glasgow Roots
3. Retirement U-Turn
4. A Fresh Start
5. Beckham
6. Rio
7. Lean Times
8. Ronaldo
9. Keane
10. Outside Interests
11. Van Nistelrooy
12. Mourinho – The ‘Special’ Rival
13. Competing with Wenger
14. The Class of ’92
15. Liverpool – A Great Tradition
16. A World of Talent
17. One Night in Moscow
18. Psychology
19. Barcelona (2009–11) – Small Is Beautiful
20. The Media
21. United’s 19th Title
22. Man City – Champions
23. Family
24. Rooney
25. The Last Campaign

Career Record
Picture Section

This will be a very wonderful book for you admiring Manchester United. You must have it.

Bagi yang ngaku ngefans sama United, saya sangat rekomendasikan untuk punya atau baca buku ini. Banyak hal-hal bersejarah dan menarik dalam buku ini.

Read the book? Download here.

Magazine Layout: eMagz – English Bulletin 8th Edition

Designed by Arifin
Tulungagung, 27 December 2014
I just found this old design project of magazine layout in my just-repaired-hardisk. It’s beautiful for me, and perhaps will be useful for you looking for design inspiration or just want to read it.

Setelah utak-utik hardisk yang rusak, akhirnya saya nemu ini. Sayang kalo nggak di-share, barangkali bermanfaat.

So, here we go. Check ‘em out!

One Face




2 Faces


Brian Tomlinson and Hitomi Masuhara. Developing Language Course Materials

Reviewd  by Arifin
Tulungagung, 27 December 2014

This can a very good reference for you interested in English material development. I found this portfolio in my study and the discussion in it is quite helping me, thought. Seeing this as a good reference then I retyped and set as tidy as possible including the accuracy of the page number so that it can used by others in helping their works.

Bahasa Indonesia:

Menurut saya, portofolio ini adalah referensi terkait ‘English material development’ yang sangat bagus. Makanya saya bela-belain untuk mengetik ulang dan saya share. Semoga bisa membantu teman-teman yang memerlukan.

All right, let’s just jump to the contents.

Materials Evaluation
- What is materials evaluation?
- Principles of materials evaluation
- Types of evaluation
- Developing criteria for evaluating materials
- Conducting materials evaluations
Materials Adaptation
- What is materials adaptation?
- Reasons for adapting materials
- Materials evaluation and adaptation
- Principles of materials adaptation
- Procedures of materials adaptation
- Conducting materials adaptation
Approaches to Materials Writing
- Principles and procedures of materials writing
- A recommended framework for materials development
- Using the framework
Aspects of Materials Writing
- Selecting text
- Writing instructions
- Using illustrations
- Design and layout
New Developments in Materials Writing
- Local projects
- CALL and multi-media materials
- Web-based materials

Read More
See this useful? Download here!