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Brian Tomlinson and Hitomi Masuhara. Developing Language Course Materials

Reviewd  by Arifin
Tulungagung, 27 December 2014

This can a very good reference for you interested in English material development. I found this portfolio in my study and the discussion in it is quite helping me, thought. Seeing this as a good reference then I retyped and set as tidy as possible including the accuracy of the page number so that it can used by others in helping their works.

Bahasa Indonesia:

Menurut saya, portofolio ini adalah referensi terkait ‘English material development’ yang sangat bagus. Makanya saya bela-belain untuk mengetik ulang dan saya share. Semoga bisa membantu teman-teman yang memerlukan.

All right, let’s just jump to the contents.

Materials Evaluation
- What is materials evaluation?
- Principles of materials evaluation
- Types of evaluation
- Developing criteria for evaluating materials
- Conducting materials evaluations
Materials Adaptation
- What is materials adaptation?
- Reasons for adapting materials
- Materials evaluation and adaptation
- Principles of materials adaptation
- Procedures of materials adaptation
- Conducting materials adaptation
Approaches to Materials Writing
- Principles and procedures of materials writing
- A recommended framework for materials development
- Using the framework
Aspects of Materials Writing
- Selecting text
- Writing instructions
- Using illustrations
- Design and layout
New Developments in Materials Writing
- Local projects
- CALL and multi-media materials
- Web-based materials

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