Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dr. MF Patel & Praveen M Jain. English Language Teaching (Methods, Tools & Teachniques)

Reviewed by Arifin
Tulungagung, 23 September 2014

This book is originally written for Indian use, as what the author said in the preface. First chapter of this book also provides a brief introduction dealing with English in Indian education. However, some issues discussed may will also be helpful for those studying TEFL or TESOL. Full content of the book can be seen by reviewing the contents below, or just simply download the book.

1.  The Place of English In Indian Education  
2.  Foreign Language Learning  
3.  Instructional Material and Text  Book  
4.  Methods  
5.  Approaches 
6.  Oral Work   
7.  Reading  
8.  Writing and Composition  
9.  Teaching of Prose, Poetry and Grammar   
10. Skills and Competencies of English Teacher  

Download the softcopy here!


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