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Peter Knapp & Megan Watkins. Genre, Text, Grammar - Download

 Reviewed by Zaenal Arifin
Tulungagung, 30 September 2013

Peter Knapp & Megan Watkins. Genre, Text, Grammar

If you are looking for some references dealing with genre-based texts, I think this "Genre, Text, Grammar " by Peter Jnapp and Megan Watkins will really help you a lot.

The book focuses on explaining some very common text genres which usually we could understand but might have difficulty in finding its literary sources. It is initialized with some explanation about the exposure of those genre-based stuffs in language teaching, including its relation with grammar and/or some pedagogical principals. Then, Peter and Megan explore the text genres with all in them such as how the texts are formed or composed varied from each genre, and the grammatical features which writers should pay attention. Note that the genres in this book are not mentioned explicitely, but we still could easily guessed what genres they are.

Below are contents of the book which you can review to give clearer sight of the book.

1 A genre-based model of language
2 A genre-based grammar
3 Pedagogic principles in teaching and assessing writing
4 The genre of describing
5 The genre of explaining
6 The genre of instructing
7 The genre of arguing
8 The genre of narrating

This book may fit for both English teachers and learners to gain more theoritical basis or develop their ability in composing various text genres.

Peter Knapp & Megan Watkins. Genre, Text, Grammar

Download the book here here!

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