Thursday, 27 June 2013

Make Application Letter (Surat Lamaran Kerja)

Bingung mau buat application letter? Ini saya share contoh application letter dalam bahasa Inggris pastinya.

May 30th, 2011

The Manager
English Islamic Course (EIC)
Kamulan RT 22 RW 04,
Durenan – Trenggalek
mobile: 0810937861020

Dear Sir,

English Tutor

Based on the announcement displayed in my university, I found that your company is looking for educational staff. I am interested in applying for one of positions offered, English Tutor.

I am 20 year old. I am studying in STAIN Tulungagung, majoring in English Education Program. Now, I’m on 6th semester.

I have joined some courses and classes of English, also participated in some English events and competitions. I have good English skills (speaking, writing, reading, and listening), structure and grammar understanding, linguistic knowledge, computer skill and high motivation. I am ready to work hard, healthy and have no record of serious ill.

Please see my resume for additional information on my experience.

I can be reached anytime via my mobile phone, 085735704350, or e-mail at

Thank you for your time and, hopefully, you could consider my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Zaenal Arifin

Itu tadi contoh Make Application Letter (Surat Lamaran Kerja), baca juga contoh daftar riwayat hidup, atau CV atau Curriculum Vitae, atau resume di How to Make a Curriculum Vitae (Bahasa Indonesia: Membuat Daftar Riwayat Hidup dalam Bahasa Inggris).
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